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  • Campanilla Lane by Mañosa Properties is a luxury residential development located in one of the most prestigious addresses in New Manila. Inspired by the Philippine ancestral home, each structure in the community fuses traditional Filipino elements with contemporary architecture and innovative green design.

    All Campanilla Lane homes are built using sustainable materials, harnessing both nature and technology to create elegant and environment-friendly living.

  • Luxury

    Campanilla Lane presents the ancestral homes of the future. An integration of the classic Mañosa design philosophy and innovative sustainable features, these homes are created to span generations and stand the test of time.

    Our commitment to excellence expands far beyond the construction of the community. Each homeowner in the development also benefits from our Professional Community Management – a lifetime service we offer to ensure that each Mañosa home is maintained and kept in peak condition throughout the years.

  • Tranquility

    Located in a quiet residential area, Campanilla Lane was master-planned to preserve all the existing trees on the property, and provide a lush landscape to surround the structures. Despite the location’s accessibility to major thoroughfares and commercial areas, the complex itself enjoys a peaceful, verdant environment set apart from chaos of the city.

  • Exclusivity

    At Mañosa Properties, home designs are never mass-produced. We create only a limited number of communities each year, and they are always designed to be unique to the property and to the needs and requirements of the neighborhood.

    The Campanilla community will be comprised of only 20 homeowners, residing within 4 four-story villas and 16 luxury apartments.

  • Legacy

    A visionary through and through, Architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa made certain that his admirable ideals would endure the test of time and any advancements in the field of architecture. His principles on fusing Filipino indigenous concepts with eco-friendly elements are now carried on by his three children, Bambi, Dino, and Gelo Mañosa, in creating artisanal communities that embrace both heritage and innovation for generations of the Filipino family.